01.11.2017 / Projects

A budget project of modern style designed for a wonderful family from NJ. First floor (entry area, living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room), second floor (hallway, master…


11.08.2017 / Projects

Architectural design concept. Type/project: residential complex. Location: United States.


16.06.2017 / Projects

Lounge | Billiard room | Restaurant. Interior design concept. Type/project: lounge area | billiard room | restaurant. Location: NYC, United States. Area: 10200 SF  

ViewLounge | Billiard room | Restaurant

23.03.2017 / Projects

2 bedroom apartment of fusion style (final version). Foyer / Living room / Dining area / Kitchen, Hallway, Master bedroom and Master bathroom. Type/project: apartment. Location:…

ViewNew York Morning

01.03.2017 / Projects

A modern lobby project with a dark blue sofa. There is a cosy lounge area and a reception area. Type/project: lobby. Location: NYC, United States. Area: 400 SF


25.02.2017 / Projects

These are some of our most favorite Bathroom Designs Type/project: bathroom Location: United States

ViewBathroom designs

24.02.2017 / Projects

Three-bedroom apartment for 2 people with a potential baby with a large place for entertaining in the dining/living room that will also contain a convertible…


22.02.2017 / Projects

A picturesque lobby consisting of lounge areas, reception area and hallways. Type/project: lobby. Location: NYC, United States. Area: 450 SF  


15.02.2017 / Projects

A master bedroom project. Type/project: apartment. Location: NYC, United States Area: 215 SF

ViewNavy Blue Bedroom

09.02.2017 / Projects

Entrance. Manhattan NY Type/project: entrance Location: Manhattan NYC, United States Area: 300 SF

ViewRED Entrance